Warning! When to Ignore Warnings & Promises!

When a warning comes on a package or from some trusted source, you should pay attention to those warnings. A lot of times it’s the same with a promise. Bleach for example. Promise: Will whiten things. Warning: Don’t ingest, it’ll kill you. What happens when you get promises and warnings from sources you don’t know […]


This is just kinda fun really. I honestly forgot why I started this post. Good thing I left this link in it as a reminder. https://www.16personalities.com/free-personality-test I took this test and found parts of it to be accurate. It helped put into words and really help cement the idea that I need help in certain […]

Outsourcing & Partnering

Do you ever feel like you wear too many hats? That you spread yourself too thin focusing on aspects of your business or your life that you really don’t know much about? If you do, then you know the feeling you get when you are doing something to “save money” or perhaps “keep more” of […]