Now Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum for Partial Payment

Just a quick update. Blue Avispa is now accepting partial payment in Bitcoin and Ethereum for website projects. You can now pay up to 50% of a website project in Bitcoin or Ethereum. Other crypto currencies will be considered. Please be sure to contact us for any questions.

Changing Your Domain Name Without Ruining Your SEO

I’ll cut to the chase. Dreamhost, one fo wordpress’ recommended hosting companies (and my personal favorite so far) wrote a great blog on how to change domains and not destroy your SEO. If you don’t need to change your domain, DON’T! You’ll notice they say that you will REDUCE the amount of damage done. […]

What Now?

What now? What’s important? I was going to write some stuff about crypto currencies and markets etc., but then I looked over at my nearly 4 year old daughter… Though I’m trying to recession proof the businesses of the people I work with and put in place plans to force ahead and grow through the […]