Who We Are


My name is Karsten. I studied engineering at Penn State. I started making money with websites and decided to go into websites full time. As it turns out, as tedious as it can be, I love the difference a website can make in someones life. It turns out, it can make all the difference in a person’s life. With websites a persons business or dreams can take off, or thousands of dollars can be raised to feed people all over the world. I’ve also gotten to travel all over the world. That’s also a plus.


My name is Andrea. I’m a native Ecuadorian who studied biochemistry and I’m married to Karsten. We met in Ecuador on a missions trip. Since then I’ve helped out translating for our Spanish speaking clients as well as translating for our English speaking clients who want to have bi-lingual sites. I’ve also helped organize international outreaches to give gifts to children born into poverty. I also help run things behind the scenes, making sure things run smoothly.

Just Me

I started working with SEO back in 2008, working on my own sites. I had about 30 that I managed and made a decent living off advertising.

Gotta Love Your Neighbor

My first actual clients were a few of my neighbors. Turns out they needed some website help. They just weren't getting any traffic. I was able to diagnose the problem and get them some traffic.

A World of Referrals

Soon enough people came to know me as reliable and skilled with websites and other tedious things. As time went on I got referral after referral until I was an integral part of many small businesses and I started working with a handful of partners.


Today we have a number of large clients including a university, retreats, best selling authors, world renowned speakers and researchers, a bunch of growing small business owners (the backbone of the US), as well as a few partnerships. To be honest, I consider everyone I work with a partner. Their success is my success.

What Clients Say

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If it were not for Blue Avispa I’d have no business at all. I did house calls for years except no one ever called me because they couldn’t find me. That all changed once this company got working for me. I get a few hundred spams a week from scammers selling SEO products. If I had to work with them, I’d rather retire. This company provides an incredible level of honest personalized service.

Greg M.
Brilliant Chiropractor

Karsten was a dream to work with! I’m not a very techy person so it’s helpful to me when someone makes the process so simple and user-friendly. He was able to send me several designs to select from and produced the website in a very timely manner. I highly recommend him if you need a website designed or maintained. He is my go to guy!

Faith C.
Landscaper Extraordinaire 

Mr. Karsten Brenneman is one of the very best there is. He always goes above and beyond what you ask for and never ceases to amaze us with his insights, expertise, wisdom, and knowledge. He is also one of the nicest people in the entire world.

Caspar McCloud
Well Known Musician / Pastor

It’s always a great experience working with Blue Avispa. Like being taken care of by family. 😊

Mark G.
President of
Blue Mountain Christian Retreat

These guys are so thoughtful and conscientious, often thinking of things I’d never even considered. I hope they’ll be around a long time because that’s how long I intend to work with them!

Bill Myers
Best Selling Author &
CS Lewis Award Winning

I’ve always had a good business experience working with Karsten Brenneman at Blue Avispa. HE’S TECH SAVVY and responsive To our website and other needs.


Jonathan Morris,
Director of CMC International ministries.