Procrastinating – Self Employed

You’re self employed or you’re a business owner/contractor. Your pay/how much you earn per year is based on how much you work. I get it. It’s a lot of pressure and it can quickly clog your mind. Like two many people trying to go through one door, or like traffic on the highway, things come to a stop. It’s an overwhelming and hopeless feeling.

It only goes away if things keep moving. Btw, are you procrastinating right now?

Quick tip. Stop reading this and get to work. If you’re kinda burnt out or just overwhelmed, here’s what I do. Do you have an ipad or a smart phone? Put on a program you’ve seen a million times before and just muddle through it. Put on music etc. I prefer shows because it’s a habit I can maintain. And I just put something on and work until I’m less overwhelmed and more on top of things.

There are probably better habits, but it works in those really rough times. I work from home, but I imagine in a traffic jam this is what people do. They don’t park their cars, they listen to the radio or call a friend and they move at whatever pace they can until the day is done or until the traffic subsides.

No more reading, get back to work. Don’t even get up to get coffee or water and don’t read the news or go on youtube.  You won’t find anything helpful online. Just rabbit holes. Go put on your music or your show and get to work.