Warning! When to Ignore Warnings & Promises!

When a warning comes on a package or from some trusted source, you should pay attention to those warnings. A lot of times it’s the same with a promise.

Bleach for example. Promise: Will whiten things. Warning: Don’t ingest, it’ll kill you.

What happens when you get promises and warnings from sources you don’t know anything about. Like an email from some professional you’ve never met. Like this. Promise: We can get you to rank highly and give you a huge increase in customers. Warning: Google will kill you if you don’t fix these issues. It goes without question, you really should just ignore that email and just have a trusted professional look over your site for potential improvement or errors.

What about the more subtle salesman? Not the spamsman above. A more subtle thing. Maybe an ad on facebook or something you found on Google. Someone who promises vague improvement and lets you draw the conclusions about what can be gained and what you’re going to lose. Never the less, it’s some sort of miracle cure for your ailing business, or maybe if your business is well, it’s a chance for you to get richer quicker.

What do you do then?

  1. Check out the reviews
  2. Check out their competitors
  3. Get a second opinion
  4. Ask yourself “Do I generally spend money on things and not get the returns I expected” THIS ONE IS IMPORTANT because if you have a habit of buying things or investing in things that don’t pan out there’s a deeper problem here and your best bet is #3.

All the success stories I know of consist of consistent improvement over time. No shortcuts. Just doing what needs to be don according to well established standards.

I know… Boring right? Like eating veggies and getting sleep. But the sooner you integrate those boring aspects (perhaps in an exciting way if you want. That’s my approach) the sooner you can reach your goals.

EXAMPLE: Blogging is a good way to keep your site active. Most people don’t do it because it’s tedious and they think they have to write some profound thing each time. I tell people, write about whatever you feel like writing about. It doesn’t have to be long or short or about your business if you don’t want it to be. Just do it.

So the next time you get a warning about your website being a catastrophic disaster from someone you don’t know or you get a promise of unimaginable success from an add or maybe you get an email about yet another millionaire in Nigeria who wants to give you his money, maybe just ignore and think to yourself “What boring thing am I forgetting to do?” Or “Have I recently ignored a professionals opinion recently because I know better than they do?”

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