What Now?

What now? What’s important?

I was going to write some stuff about crypto currencies and markets etc., but then I looked over at my nearly 4 year old daughter…

Though I’m trying to recession proof the businesses of the people I work with and put in place plans to force ahead and grow through the recession so they don’t come out in the same state they entered into the recession, but honestly, work burnout is a real thing. Making bad decisions is a real thing.

I just finished a blog post for crypto investing (according to me) and though it’s a great time to buy, there will be a lot of times to buy over the next year more than likely, so don’t go all in just yet. Pace yourself (my opinion). I’m increasing the amount I invest in all areas I can, including my business because it’s a good time, but I’m stretching it out over a year at least. I haven’t put all my chips on red. I put them all on “be reasonable and hang in there” haha. That is of course with a plan to grow that I actively work on nearly every day.

Make sure you invest equally in all aspects of your life and business. I have a business counselor, a counselor counselor, I still study things and learn and I have a financial advisor. I also have general counsel for general decisions.

So what to do now? Don’t panic, try to invest steadily in all aspects of your business (including yourself) and keep pushing forward.

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