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Translating a Website Into Spanish with Native Spanish Speakers

If you want your website translated into Spanish, just let us know. We use native Spanish speakers to translate. Spanish is their first language so you can be sure that your website’s content is not just “translated” word for word in a way that may make no sense to a native Spanish speaker. Your content will be translated in a way that is both correct and understandable to anyone who speaks Spanish.

There are many expressions that we use in English that when translated make no sense, but they have a Spanish equivalent. Eg. “take a rain check”, “ballpark figure” and “piece of cake” have no particular meaning in Spanish.

How to Make a Website Bi-Lingual

This is actually a very important concept. What do you do once the content is translated? If you are worried about SEO, we have a solution. We can install a  language program that will create and keep track of copies of your pages in different languages. This program will also allow users to switch between languages. We can essentially make 2 versions of your site (including the menu) to allow for easy navigation for people who speak Spanish or English. You’ll also get into additional Google searches because the Spanish pages are stand alone pages, so people searching in Spanish will also be able to find you in Google or other search engines.

Cost of Translation

Th costs are determined by amount of content on each page and the number of pages and the complexity of the pages. Please contact us by phone or email to get an estimate.

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