Google Core Web Vitals and UX Update – Minimum Treshold

Google is coming out with a pretty big update this May (2021). Though Google has ben shifting towards this for a while and doing a lot of things in parts, with the rollout of any big update, especially ones that come with warnings, you can expect shifts to happen. For the most part Google doesn’t change their search algorithms so dramatically as to shift all results, as Google tends to create a consistent environment. That being said, I have seen sites that completely tank and never recover BUT they were doing something spammy. Like really really spammy, so if you’re making a reasonable effort to give your users a good experience you shouldn’t tank.

With that in mind, there are things you really need to work on because for you, being the owner and creator of your website, your website may be fine. It may load faster than before, it may be more stable than before, but compared to the standard, you may be behind. It happens. Try to take a look as an objective view of your website and see if you ned help. There are so many tools out there, you don’t hav to be afraid of an irreparable site, and you know what? If they cost a little money, which most don’t, that’s ok too. It’s seriously worth it and is going to cost pennies compared to what you can gain. Here’s a great article from my favorite hosting company, Dreamhost. Take a look, if you have questions, and would be up for contracting our services, give us a text, call or email. Optimizing is our favorite thing to do!

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