This is just kinda fun really. I honestly forgot why I started this post. Good thing I left this link in it as a reminder.

I took this test and found parts of it to be accurate. It helped put into words and really help cement the idea that I need help in certain areas. There’s an old saying right? You’re only as strong as your weakest link. What if you could hire someone to be that link for you.

That is to say, what if your weakest point could just be outsourced to someone else? You’d be a lot stronger.

If you know your failings, take the test anyway and then think about who you are working with now (or who you aren’t working with) that could help fill the voids. You want to provide a good service.

If I wanted to bake cakes, but I was terrible as making good flour, I’d either buy the flower or hire someone or some service to make it for me. I know I’d feel more special if I made the flower, but let’s be honest, the cakes would suck. That’s not to say I can’t learn more as I go, but I don’t want to be selling people something that isn’t good. Period.

Are you cheating others, or yourself, by not accepting that you can’t do everything?

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