When the Goal Train Gets Off-Track

What to do When You Get Derailed

Cool picture huh? Pretty but accurate if you think about it. Though there’s a simplicity in meeting goals once they are set properly, it’s rarely a smooth ride and almost never goes as expected, and sometimes the destination doesn’t look like you thought it would. Still, you ned to accomplish what you’ve set out to do, unless it’s a bad idea, in which case don’t do it or do it quickly so you don’t sink too much time into it.


Along the way, you’ll find urgent things come up. Family matters, money problems , urgent client related problems software limitation etc. This year, a lot of my schedule has been uprooted due to people becoming ill and some even passing away. These are things we have little control over.

as hard as it can be to get into the swing of things, when it comes to goals, you rally can just hit the pause button and pick up on them. Like a word document, you save your progress and re-open it later when you’re ready to work on it. There’s no point in getting discouraged. Just get on with it. Pretend the delay never happened and pick up where you left off. Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making plans (a quote from a bunch of different people). It’s a normal thing that happens to even the most successful people. How many products are released late or released unfinished and ned patching up.

When you pick up where you left off, don’t try to do everything at once, you’ll just overwhelm yourself. I normally just delay other things as much as possible and hen catch up. So whatever you can put on hold, put it on hold or delay as much as possible while you catch up on the goals you had to pause little by little.. Put in a couple extra hours and you’ll catch up before you know it.

If you are REALLY far behind, count the goal period as lost, and restart a new timeline with the same goals. I set goals every 90 days. Recently I had to scrap a whole 90 day period, count it as nearly lost and start again.

I’m still here, still working and all is good.

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