Who Made Business Boring?

There are people who can make the most dramatic, dragon filled, battle ridden, heart breaking tales boring.

I think we have the same idea about work, or at least I did (and still do sometimes). Business and work don’t have to be boring if you are engaged. Someone once said “I want to know how many years of experience you have, not how many years you’ve been doing the exact same thing.”

I’m a big fan of LOTR and the Hobbit. When you get to the end of those movies, you get a clear sense of wanting to go back to the tough parts and not wanting to even touch the end of the movies.

You even get that sense at the beginning as Bilbo is writing his story. He longs to go back, finding that all the tough things he had to do really made the journey worth it.

Frodo could have attempted to stay in the Elvin city and enjoy a leisurely life. But looking back, even though Hobbits are more sedentary in nature, not wanting to change, neither Frodo nor Bilbo would have been happy. I think they would have enjoyed it for a while, and perhaps would even try for a while to ignore the nagging feeling that there’s more out there.

I think when you look at business that way, when you see it as trying to be comfortable or going through tough times, learning, growing and even getting into situation that can be very stressing and painful, you’ll find that you like it and come to miss it.

Business isn’t boring. Trying to be comfortable is boring. Go learn. Don’t try to make enough to be comfortable, try to grow and do things and do a good job.

Jump in and just keep walking. Through the fields, through the hills, mountains and swamps. For those who need more practical steps: read, call people, start a website, post on facebook and let people know you’re open for business, start a facebook business page, do a youtube video, take breaks and do physical activity, buy a few small things to make your business run better, then charge people for those premium features. That’s walking through the fields. They lead to hills and mountains.

All movies have a beginning and in end. It’s what’s in the middle that makes them enjoyable.

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