Yes, Godaddy Really Does Suck

I’ve long held Godaddy as the gold standard of poor hosting. Their tech department is the only one I know of that can offer 4 contradicting explanations and solutions to the the same problem. It honestly doesn’t mater how many times you call their tech support, they will always give you a different answer and it’s normally a bad/nonsensical answer. The only on that’s outdone them (once) was Hostgator, but my understanding is that Hostgator has decent hosting whereas Godaddy ABSOLUTELY doesn’t.

Godaddy’s hosting has never seriously ben ranked amongst the highest and apart from their control panel bing a disaster and a half, they nickle and dime you for things most hosting companies offer better version of.

The reason I’m writing this now though is because it came to light that Godaddy, in addition to their poor technical skills has unsurprisingly ben storing peoples password in plain text. Something not even most n00bs do.

I have never once suggested anyone use Godaddy for hosting. You’r better off printing your website and stapling it to telephone poles.

Just do a Google search for best website hosts and use any of them. My personal preference is Dreamhost and MAYBE A2 Hosting. Dreamhost is dead stable, normally ahead of the curve and great at what they do. A2 Hosting is general ahead of the head of the curve and constantly try to make things even better.

Having talked to one of the higher ups at A2 Hosting, I can tell you that at this moment they are continuing to push the envelope.

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