Sowing Too Much

A year ago I had a lot going on, but I still wanted to have a garden. It’s rare that I make things smaller than I intended so the garden ended up being kinda large. I planted the usual things plus a few rows of corn. Things were growing well, but we hit some hard times in terms of weather. The plants needed a little more attention. There was a heat streak and a minor drought, which happens in life. This happened and I was pretty busy with work and I thought I could safely pay less attention to the garden.

Well, the plants got a lot of heat and not enough water. They needed more resources for a very short amount of time, but all my resources and time was being spent elsewhere. The corn did as nature intended. It and probably a few other things flowered early to make sure it could create seeds and live to see another year. What this looks like is very small, nearly useless corn.

This year there is no garden. Just minimal landscaping out front and a few potted plants inside. Nothing that I can’t easily handle plus maybe 10%.

Things are going well. Nothing fell apart and I’m fine, the plants are fine and business is fine.

The moral of the story is, if you plant more than you can handle and rough times hit, you will have to sacrifice. The good news is, it’s a great way to see and prove your priorities. The bad news is, you’ve wasted a lot of time on something that didn’t turn out.

With that in mind, consider outsources whatever you can if you really want to expand and have the brains to not bite off more than you can chew. I see a lot of people lose a lot of time and progress in their life doing this. This is PARTICULARLY true, if you’re biting off something outside your immediate area of expertise.

Keep in mind that at the moment Coca-Cola has 60 flavors around the world, but they only sell 4 flavors in the US (8 if you include the sugar free versions of the 4). Look at any other business. They could offer the same number of varieties of their products, but they don’t. Why should you?

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